The 5Rs

The 5Rs, introduced in the 2014-2015 academic year, will underpin the learning ethos of the school. At their heart, they are about the attitudes we all need to learn in life and therefore for learning. They are our school response to the work of Shirley Clarke and other research professionals on the growth mindset; our intelligence can be grown and developed rather than it being a fixed entity. At Willowbrook, our gifted and talented artists have created a super hero character and a corresponding logo for each of our chosen 5Rs. See the characters below the video.

Our 5Rs Video

Responsible Ross

“I am committed to my learning. How far I go depends on how far I want to go.”

Resilient Rory

“I never give up.” “I can’t do it… yet!

Ready Robin

“From eating breakfast to active listening… I’ll be ready.

Resourceful Rhianna

“I will try to succeed in as many different and creative ways as I can.”

Reflective Rachel

“I can always improve.” “How can I make this better?

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