Christmas Tree Festival

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Respect – have due regard for someone’s feelings, wishes or rights.


Courage – Children wanted to represent courage with the face of a lion.

Love – We thought about all of the things important to us and who and what we love.  This included family friends and lots more.

Gratitude – “being thankful”. We have written thank you in different languages.



Worship – On the very first Christmas night. A wonderful star shone bright, it marked that spot, where the baby lay, so shepherds and kings could worship and pray.


Giving – we have learnt about the gift of giving.  The children wrapped their own presents, made tags and wrote another child’s name on it.

Charity – We looked at local charities and found that we have been directly affected by local charities such as Leicester Children’s Hospital.  However, we made winter hats to represent helping the homeless, which is especially important at this time of year.

Peace – we have looked at many different symbols of peace and created finger painted doves for our tree.  We have also created a paper chain with peace written in many different languages.

Joy – We thought about how we could show joy on our class tree.  The children decided to express joyfulness through facial expressions.