Regular activities are organised by this committee to raise funds for school and support curriculum initiatives. Your help or support of these events is greatly appreciated. Fundraising is also held on behalf of several charities each year.

Letter From Parliament

We are the school parliament and we are trying to help children around the world that never get any presents, especially at Christmas. There are many countries around the world (in fact too many to name) where Operation Christmas Child send shoe boxes full of presents. We are aiming to send at least two boxes per class (a boy and a girl box). Below are some ideas of what we can and can’t put in them. Please send something in with your child to give to their class MP by Friday 3rd November.

Coby Class 12: “I think this is really important as we are really lucky with what we get some children get nothing

Ariana Class 9:  “It important that children get gifts at some point in their life so they know they are loved and cared for

Cade class 10: “It’s really important that children have something to play with when they are young

Lily Class 4:  “It’s not fair if you don’t get things to play and learn with so we will give them some

We are really excited by this project!

From   Coby, Cade, Ariana, Rawan, Lily, Harrison, Zak, Kruz, Rylee, Lyal, Rajan, William, Tia, Zooney and Ella

P.S please send in any empty shoe boxes!