At Willowbrook, we recognise the importance of outstanding attendance and the positive impact this has on children’s progress and attainment.  We are committed to improving our pupil’s attendance as this has a positive impact on children’s attitudes towards learning and the education they receive.

We offer incentives to help boost attendance and build good habits. Every term we run a class incentive, each week the class with the highest attendance in the infants and the highest in the juniors move forward a space on our race track.  The class who is in the lead on the race track at the end of the term receives £40 to spend as a class.

Our termly incentive has historically been for children with 100% attendance receiving a free trip.  Last year we ran the following trips, with the following number of eligible children attending:

Autumn term- cinema trip Spring term- bowling trip Summer term- Knighton Park trip
125 eligible pupils 191 eligible pupils 223 eligible pupils

This year we have altered the incentive slightly, as we recognise that children may unavoidably have one day off due to illness.  Therefore, our new incentive allows children with one day absence for illness to also attend the trip, along with children with 100% attendance.  Children with 100% attendance all year will receive a special certificate and badge.