Lunchtime times are 12.00pm – 1.00 pm. There is always a member of staff on duty but your child will be under the immediate care of the lunchtime supervisors, who are organised by our Midday Manager. The Infant hall is used for meals at lunchtimes. School dinners are cooked on the premises – a wide choice of healthy foods are provided. Please see our latest Menu below.

Dinner money is collected in advance and should be sent in a labelled, sealed envelope. School Dinners cost £1.75 per day and should be paid for before the meal. This can be paid for weekly at a cost of £8.75. Payment for school meals is made on the first school day of the week for the week, in advance, normally by cash. Cheques may be accepted provided:

  • The payment is made for a period of at least one week.
  • The cheque is made payable to Willowbrook Primary Academy and crossed.

You may be entitled to free school meals – details of how to apply are available from the office. The application form is below.

If you wish, your child may bring a packed lunch to school. The packed lunch should be in a lunch-box labelled with your child’s name. We ask that glass containers, fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate are not brought to school. We also have children at school with nut allergies, therefore we have a ‘nut-free’policy. Please check foods carefully.

If you feel it necessary or your child wishes to change from school meals to packed lunch or vice versa, please inform the office giving at least one week’s notice.

We encourage play and collaboration during the lunch hour. When weather permits, the children use the extensive school playing fields and a wide variety of equipment e.g. hoops, ropes, bean bags, footballs and rugby balls.


Milk for each child is available everyday. Prices vary per term and information can be found on the newsletter prior to each term. For more information, please see the office.

Fruit Scheme

All infant children (Foundation – Year 2) are offered a free piece of fruit everyday. Juniors are able to bring a fruit snack in for break time, or fruit is available from the tuck trolley at a small price.